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About Brigid

About Brigid

Brigid McArdle is a life coach and teacher with a passion for helping people heal. Her own lifetime battle with anxiety, depression, and multiple sclerosis led to her interest in mental health and the mind/body connection.

She has been studying holistic healing and neuroscience for over 15 years, while exploring an array of healing modalities such as EMDR therapy, muscle testing, biofeedback, raindrop therapy, iridology, reiki, massage, yoga, and meditation.

Brigid received her life coaching certification in 2013 from the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County and began wellness coaching through the YMCA before starting her own life coaching business.

Brigid has worked with individuals in a number of different capacities including depression, anxiety, divorce, eating disorders, retirement transitions, and general health and wellness. She recognizes the growing mental health crisis in this country and is committed to serving those in need.

Her focus is in reinforcing positive mindsets and practices with the belief that the brain is malleable and quite capable of being rewired. Whatever the setback, she believes all individuals have the wisdom, power, and resources to evoke change.